Turkish ‘investors’ behind attempted takeover of former Serie A side Triestina

A new era for Unione Triestina and football in Friuli Venezia Giulia could start: a group of ‘investors’, a Venetian businessman with Turkish friends, are apparently trying to save the club based in Trieste from bankruptcy.

Who’s this business man? Who are these Turkish financiers?

The Venetian business man is called Silvano Favarato. He is 61 years old, from Quinto di Treviso (Veneto) and he’s the owner of Union Quinto Football Club.

Union Quinto Fc, 3 years ago, played in the italian semi-professional Serie D and are currently playing in the regional amatorial league.

Recently Union Quinto Calcio welcame two new partners: Fatih and Şebnem Ekşioğlu, two characters probably involved in the Unione Triestina takeover bid too.

About Fatih, today, he’s Union Quinto’s vice-President and comes from an important Black Sea reality, Samsun. Fatih is a Beşiktaş supporter and he’s reported to be nephew of a so-called Beşiktaş former executive.

Şebnem Ekşioğlu, on the other hand, is reported to be a former Student of some Bosphorus university and today (but we are supposed to believe, not for much time) she’s the Union Quinto Calcio secretary.

In the new Triestina adventure we find other two personalities from Anatolia: Mehmet Efe Orgun and Berk Ekşioğlu. Mehmet Efe Orgun is from Izmir’s beautiful district Karşıyaka, he’s a transport-business entrepreneur and he seems to support both Karşıyaka SK and Beşiktaş. Berk Ekşioğlu instead is just reported to be a member of Efe Project Türkiye, a oversize-load transportation company. Here we find a first link with Trieste, a coastline town with an important port and an active naval trade, of course also on the Turkish front.

The Unione Triestina (club already re-born from a bankrupcy in 2012) takeover bid is highly debated in town, because there are many foggy points in the negotiations. Triestina are an Italian football heritage, with historic memories in the Serie A: the attempted bid by Favarato is raising many eyebrows. The Union Quinto situation does not guarantee stability to the Friuli Venezia Giulia supporters. Union Quinto Calcio are on the verge of relegation from Promozione (Italian 6th division) to Prima Categoria (Italian 7th division). Stadium issues, unpaid wages and a controversy with the local authorities left many questions with no answer about Favarato‘s legacy in Quinto di Treviso.

The Venetian businessman apparently presented a 500K euros bank guaranty to save Triestina from bankruptcy, but many supporters from Trieste are not sure about the Turkish investors’ financial means. Italian football is famous for weird histories and Presidents coming out of nowhere – last year’s Serie A side Parma takeover by supposed-to-be investor Giampiero Manenti is still an example. Parma then failed and re-started from Italian fourth division and Triestina’s future is still unclear. Another bankruptcy would bring the club down again to non-professional status.

Some questions come instinctively: what will be of the tiny (and debtful) Union Quinto? And what is Triestina‘s future? Will Favarato and his Turkish friends manage to bring Trieste back to the highest football levels or will we attend a simple bluff? Shadows seem to overcome hopes at the moment, but we have to wait until January to find the final answer. If a definitive ‘Yes’ comes from the local court, Unione Triestina will end in Favarato and his Turkish friends’ hands.

Original Italian article by Luca Grandin. Translation by Luca Grandin and Bruno Bottaro

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